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Solve Real-World Project Problems!

How much can a major project problem cost your project, your company, and your career?  Have you ever faced a project challenge and didn’t know with whom you could talk?  You’re not alone, either with project challenges or in not having support in facing them.  Project managers face similar challenges regardless of their industry and project type.  How much is all that knowledge, experience, cross-pollination and the ability to fall back on a group of like-minded professionals worth?  To be part of a group that has your back?  That is why I’ve created Project Manager Mastermind!

What is a mastermind?  The concept of masterminds have been around for about a century and used for different purposes but, essentially, a mastermind is a small group designed to maximize learning and problem-solving by combining expert facilitation and teaching with the ability of members to honestly share their problems and brainstorm solutions.

Why should you join?  Do you have problems that might sink your project?  What will this do for your career?  Or do you just need personal development or continuing education hours to re-certify? The mastermind is an intense workshop that focuses on solving real-world, project-specific problems and sharing solutions from across different project types and, sometimes, even industries.  In addition, it is a group of like-minded project managers who can support each other in a community dedicated to solving real project problems.

In addition to possibly gaining an insight that saves your project, if you have a certification (e.g. PMP) that requires continuing education, the 20+ hours that you will spend in this mastermind group workshop will count!  So, for PMPs, one three-month mastermind will take you 1/3 of the way toward your required 60 PDHs for 3 years.  That’s a tremendous side benefit of doing this.  And how much of your continuing education in the past really focused on real-world problems like the ones you face on a daily basis?

How do you join? To get more registration, timing, and pricing info, or just to ask questions, contact me here and please put “project manager mastermind” in the subject.  Also, download this document: 19.10.04 PM Mastermind – QPS.

This mastermind group, limited to 10 real-world project managers, will meet each week via zoom for 90 minutes over a three-month period.  To share ideas.  To support each other. To brainstorm solutions.  And to learn what is working – and what is not working – for your project management peers.  Each session will also include a short talk on a relevant project management topic.  In addition, there will be special sessions to address larger topics or to have guest speakers.

About the facilitator: The facilitator for this mastermind is Mark D. Steele. Mark is an experienced project manager with over 30 years in leading and consulting on complex projects across a range of industries including construction, IT, new product development, and medical devices. He is the author of Projects on Purpose 2.0 and is dedicated to helping project owners and managers discover and solve their problems before they sink their projects. New registrants receive a free copy of the book. You can find Mark on Linkedin here.