Quintain Project Solutions LLC is dedicated to helping clients prevent or resolve difficult project problems.  Too many undertake projects that come back to haunt them.  We can help you to hit your project target, without getting hit by your project.


Mark D. Steele, PE

Mr. Steele is an experienced engineer and consultant based out of the Philadelphia area with over twenty-seven years of experience in engineering, construction, and management across a range of industries including power and utilities, public sector, infrastructure, healthcare, life sciences, and manufacturing.  He has worked closely with senior executives to evaluate project status and risk, assess contract and process compliance, develop recovery plans, negotiate contracts, and create effective project management processes and organizations.   Mr. Steele also has extensive litigation experience related to the analysis and preparation of or defense against construction claims related to schedule delays, cost overruns, productivity losses, contract defaults, and design errors and omissions for both public and private sector projects.    Mr. Steele is a graduate of West Point and a combat veteran of the US Army.  In addition he is a licensed Professional Engineer and holds a Masters from Villanova University.  He is the author of Projects On Purpose and, the latest edition, Projects On Purpose 2.0.

We can be reached at msteele@QuintainProjectSolutions.com

What is a Quintain?website-quintain

quin·tain   [kwin-tn] Noun

A medieval training device consisting of a target mounted on a movable crossbar. The other end of the crossbar would have a sandbag or other weight attached. The mounted knight would have to strike the target with his lance but move quickly enough to avoid being struck by the pivoting weight.
All too often, those undertaking projects are hit by their project while they are trying to hit the target. Our goal is to prevent that from happening!