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Project Management Insights Podcast Interview

Check out the great Project Management Insights podcast with Karen Cherrett! cropped-PMI-Logo-Only

Here is the episode where she interviewed me about the importance of ASSUMPTIONS in your project!

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Video Interview with Phyllis Haynes

Please check out my video interview done by Phyllis Haynes.  mark - phyllis interview

Phyllis is an award-winning producer and journalist with decades of experience.

You can watch it here.



The Grilling:  A Project Management Short Story

the grilling - thumbnailDo you ever feel like you are caught in a fictional project world?  Even if you were, a systemic approach to project management could help you.  Here, I’ve tried my hand at a short story about project management.  I suspect it will relate to your very real project world.  Download and enjoy.

Click here to download The Grilling.


 The Project Risk Tightrope project risk tightrope cover thumbnail

What are your project risks?  What could cause your project to fail?  Do you know?  Are you doing anything about it?

“As a kid, I saw one of the Wallendas walk a tightrope. It was a pretty amazing feat. The Wallendas walked tightropes every day and seemingly trained from birth to do so as a family. You or I would probably fall off. We don’t have their focus or their training. Whether you know it or not, as the owner of a major capital project, you may be walking a tightrope of project risk. Falling off will kill the project.”

“As the project owner, your project is probably not your core business.  It’s a way to make your core business more successful.  You’ve likely spent most of your career focused on your core business rather than thinking about capital project risk.  Guess what?  While you’ve not spent most of your career thinking of project risk, many of the other stakeholders on your project have.  And the way most projects are designed, their interests are not always your own.  How do you think you will fare on your tightrope?”

Click here to download “The Project Risk Tightrope”.

project puzzle cover - thumbnailPiecing Together the Project Puzzle

In order to create a successful project, you need to stop thinking about the project you are building and think about the team that will be building it. Systems thinking helps us to think about teams and, by combining systems thinking with three decades of experience in management, engineering, and construction, I’ve identified 6 key pieces of the project puzzle.  This short “business manifesto” describes each of the pieces so that you can begin to put them together for project success.

Click here to download “Piecing Together the Project Puzzle”.